Something new begins

It’s time to start something new. I thought for a long time, I’d write this blog. I wanted to write about the experience with the Reporting Services reporting tool that guides me through my job.

The blog summarizes the basic information about the reporting tower and guides the beginners with the most basic settings needed to start working with. At the same time, I will describe some of tutorials I have encountered in solving problems during my experience in Business Intelligence.

At the same time, I would like to touch on the topics of SQL Server and other tools such as Analysis Services and Integration Services that are directly or indirectly related to reporting solutions. But the blog will not only concern solutions that are offered by Microsoft co, but also Open Source solutions such as Pentaho community edition.

The purpose of the blog is to summarize my experience so far. I would like to have information and guides on one place that I can any time get them when needed. At the same time, I would like to cover the basic information essential for the basic installation, setting up, launch and implementation of the most common scenarios in practice.

If you find useful information on this blog, you are welcome. I will only be grateful for constructive comments on individual topics. Not always the solution implemented by me was the most appropriate solution. However, I have always had a clear conscience in accomplishing the individual tasks, as I have tried to make the necessary efforts.