Extended events get description

Useful query to get basic overview of extended events, actions and targets and their description.

SELECT p.name AS [Package-Name], o.object_type, o.name AS [Object-Name],  o.description AS [Object-Descr], p.guid AS [Package-Guid]
FROM sys.dm_xe_packages AS p
JOIN sys.dm_xe_objects  AS o ON p.guid = o.package_guid
WHERE o.object_type = 'event'
SELECT p.name AS [Package-Name], o.object_type, o.name AS [Object-Name], o.description AS [Object-Descr], p.guid AS [Package-Guid]
FROM sys.dm_xe_packages AS p
JOIN sys.dm_xe_objects  AS o ON p.guid= o.package_guid
WHERE o.object_type ='action'
SELECT p.name AS [Package-Name], o.object_type, o.name AS [Object-Name], o.description AS [Object-Descr], p.guid AS [Package-Guid]
FROM sys.dm_xe_packages AS p
JOIN sys.dm_xe_objects  AS o ON p.guid = o.package_guid
WHERE o.object_type = 'target'

Splitting, merging cells in Tablix

To make your report Tablix looking better it could be very useful feature. As you can join Cells in excel you can join merge Textboxes in your Report Tablix.

  1. Select textboxes you would like to join
  2. Right click on your selection and Merge Cells in popup menu
Merge cells
Picture 1 Merge cells

Bellow you can see the result.

Sales report
Picture 2 Sales report

For the opposite action:

  1. Select merged Textboxes and select Split Cells from popup menu.
Split Cells
Picture 3 Split Cells

Edit report with Report Builder “How to” edit report

In this post we can continue with report we created in post “Report in two minutes”. We would like to extend our matrix definition and add First name column next to the Last name column.

First of all, open Report Builder application and open existing report on Report Server.

Open SSRS report
Picture 1 Open SSRS report

Go to the directory on report server where report is published and open it.

Choose report on Report Server
Picture 2 Choose report on Report Server

The report is in design mode now. Go to the Tablix definition and click on Last Name column that it will be highlighted.

Editing report
Picture 3 Editing report

Right Click on the column and select Insert column on the popup menu. In next step select Inside Group – Right to put First name column on the right of the Last Name column. You have to notice two basics things. Since we would like to extend LastName group by adding First Name column, we to had click on Last Name column to select the group area. Because we would like to extend this group by adding new column we selected Inside Group option. If we would select Outside Group – Left option, we would add column next to the left Last Name column and outside LastName group region. But in that case First name column would not be grouped and report would not behave as we expect. Look at popup menu, on picture bellow that we are not allowed to be used Outside group – Right option – it is disabled. If we would like to extend the detail group, where measures are placed, and add for example Sum vat column next the Sum Sales, we have to click on Sum Sales column first and then select option for inserting column.

Adding column
Picture 4 Adding column

Do not forget to publish your report.

Publishing report
Picture 5 Publishing report

It was very short overview how to edit your report using Report Builder. Stay tuned!

Sales report
Picture 6 Sales report

You can download report here ReportSalesEditReport.